Getting Started...

I provide In Home Personal Training to clients local to King City/Aurora, Ontario. Basically... if I show up at your door, there is no avoiding it, you will get your work out in. So, I come to you. I bring all equipment we will need. We can schedule sessions as regular as you would like (Once, Twice, Three times a week). I train clients all days of the week and all times of the day. 

The first session is an Meeting/Assessment where we discuss what you are looking for in a trainer (me) and what you want to accomplish. You will also need to fill out a PAR Q + form during this session to make sure you are ready for physical activity. 

Cost $

I charge $80 for a session which lasts about an hour. Now there is a condition to this cost. You must live a reasonable distance to where I live. York Region as far south as Vaughan and as north as Newmarket is acceptable. I don't mind driving further, but it will cost a little extra. For instance, if I am coming into the city I will generally charge $75, depending.

Who do I see?

I have clients of all ages, all abilities and both genders. I see Individuals or Small Groups (increased charge applies). I have experience with children of all ages all the way to the elderly. We can be playing games, working on walking stairs or getting up and down out of a chair without pain, or pushing our body to the limit. I do it all.

My Way of Training

I shape my way of training to what you need and what you are looking for. I have a Resistance training background in PilatesYogaWeightliftingDancePlyometrics and Physiotherapy based training to rehab injuries. I integrate these techniques to create a work out that is best for you. My Cardio experience includes running, cycling, walking and all the different cardio machines available. We start at your current ability and you will be surprised at where you can get to. Each session builds on the one previous. 

Want a Custom Exercise Plan to do on your own?

You may just want a Custom Exercise Plan that you work with on your own. This is a great way to be independent in your training while still receiving help and expertise to get started. This would require a couple of start up sessions where I do the assessment and educate you on what you will need to do to reach your goals. I will also demonstrate and observe you doing the exercises and give you the alignment  corrections you will need to continue doing them on your own. We will practice the exercise plan until you feel comfortable. I will give you a detailed plan with all exercise descriptions and reminder illistrations. After you are on a roll on your own with your plan you may want to schedule a session once an month where we can modify and add new exercises so that you continue to improve your fitness.

Or do you need Constant Motivation?

I can be there for every workout. You don't have to motivate yourself to work on your own or get up and go to the gym. I will be there to get you going.