I was a Professional Athlete in the sport of Wakeboarding. I started when I was 10 in Muskoka, Cottage Country, Ontario. I started competing when I was 12, winning Junior Worlds at 17 and 18. I decided to go to University at Dalhousie in Halifax. I was still competing while in school winning the World Cup in Moscow, Russia which got me invited on the World Cup Tour. At this point I was competing against people who trained all year round while I was stuck up in a frozen campus in Eastern Canada not riding 8 months of the year. I realized it was time for one or the other, so I dropped out of school. For two years I traveled all over the world on 4 different tours. The World Cup Tour took me to France, China, Singapore, Russia and Qatar. The USA took me all over the states and the Canadian Tour took me across Canada. In the off season I would move to Australia to do the Australian/New Zealand Tour. Winning Wake Games (Equivalent to the X-Games) was the last highlight of my career in 2007. I retired from wakeboarding in March of 2008 while living in Australia. I suffered from many chronic injuries and burn out at this point and made the tough decision to move on. 


I went back to school at Dalhousie to continue my university education. While completing my BSc in Health Promotion, I knew I wanted more and started and finished my Kinesiology degree. My Health Promotion degree finished with a 4 month full time internship at Eating Disorders of York Region. I graduating with both degrees in 2012.

Degrees & Certifications

  • BSc Health Promotion (Dalhousie University)

  • BSc Kinesiology (Dalhousie University)

  • Certified Personal Trainer (PT Can Fit Pro)

  • Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS Can Fit Pro)

  • Coach

  • First Aid and CPR Certified (Renewed annually)


  • At the moment I run my own business. "Sunni Anne Ball In Home Personal Training" The title basically says it all, but see the Personal Training Page for details.

  • I also Teach movement/gym/games in Private Schools.

  • I Coach elementary Volleyball and Basketball teams.

  • I teach Seniors Classes. Including fall prevention and gentle/moderate strengthening classes.

Forever Learning

I completed a program called Spacial Dynamics. It is a movement therapy based program focusing on postural techniques and efficient healthy movement. It is a 5 year program to complete level 1. I am completing level 2 simultaneously with credits me with being a registered International Somatic Movement Therapist. "Spacial Dynamics®, developed over 25 years ago by master athlete Jaimen McMillan, gives the patient the experience of the healthy, harmonious continuum between the body and surrounding space. Spacial Dynamics® therapists learn how to use hands-on techniques and graceful, slow motion movements so that the patient becomes skilled at recreating dynamics that reconnect, regenerate, and reintegrate, thus replacing dis-ease with ease" (Spacial Dynamics.com, 2015).